Quake 4 in Quake 2

Welcome to the history of Quake 4 in Quake 2 a total recreation of all the missions of Quake 4 in Quake 2.

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Quake 4 in Quake (Infernal Stroggos)

Welcome to this new hellish adventure with our hero Ranger. This time Ranger traveled in time through an unknown portal and realized that the homeworld of the Strogg was invaded by demons. This story takes place in some alternate universe where the planet Stroggos is now home to the infernal demons. Can you survive on this planet? It's basically Quake 4 in Quake 1.

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Blue Super Mario Bros 3 Remake

Welcome to my new finished project of Super Mario Bros X, this time I bring you completely new worlds, 11 worlds ,95 levels in total, the first 11 levels created by me, the other world is a remake of the super mario bros 3 hack called, Blue Super Mario Bros 3 created by LAGS in the nes version and made by Benjamin Pulido in SMBX . Runs in 1.4.4 version. Enjoy. Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toaddete, Link.

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